Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are there lawyers in the family?

Q. How formally does your family argue?
A. The brothers P.

(For Lent, I've decided to write 40 posts about people I love / made me who I am / thankful to know / appreciate)

My Mom's nuclear family consisted of two older sisters and two younger brothers. The sisters went on to become teachers, the brothers lawyers. Those are just feathers to put into your cap.

Before my Mom's youngest brother had kids, I would play basketball with him on various hoops over various garages. Lately my other Uncle has been sending me free giveaways from his frequent trips to Kaufman Stadium.

Soon I will give the trial lawyer Uncle an in-depth account of my Jury Duty. I also hope to hear an in-depth report from the other (now retired) Uncle's yearly spring training report.

It's odd for me, as I try to look back at my relationship with these two Uncles... I remember having carefree conversations about basketball and baseball in days past. Maybe those conversations were to humor me the child... And today's conversations are more about humoring them (as they have genuine interest in details from my professional life or theories of how to best run Vegas).

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