Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who has an immediate sense of wit?

Q. Who's the most famous person I know (who's not yet famous)?
A. S.A.S.

(For Lent, I've decided to write 40 posts about people I love / made me who I am / thankful to know / appreciate)

Many years ago, an uncle (I guess?) of S.A.S. described him as having, "an immediate sense of wit." I instantly agreed with that statement, was upset I didn't think of it first, and was saddened that I wasn't able to hear it firsthand. He has a very sharp perspective on the world that is often humorous and always insightful.

I could also go on at great length on how sophisticated he is, for instance his immense talent as a writer (he's literally a published author - he's not "publishing on blogspot" like amateurs, but in literary magazines). I can't wait to be able to buy multiple copies of his novels to give as gifts to many others. Because he's a friend of mine, it makes me want to be a better writer. By the same accord, I read more serious literature now.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I'm a better person because I can count on S.A.S. as a friend. Just to keep up: I've become more knowledgeable about current events, politics, literature and video game ethics (that last example should not be overlooked).

I think everybody who considers S.A.S. a friend lucky for having him as a friend. People who don't know him, are just flat out missing out.

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