Friday, March 13, 2009

Who is America's last scientist?

Q. Who both teaches it, and practices it?
A. Mr. P

(For Lent, I've decided to write 40 posts about people I love / made me who I am / thankful to know / appreciate)

Mr. P is a first year high school science teacher.
Mr. P is an actual scientist.
Mr. P is doing what he can to carve out a niche at his school (ski trip after ski trip)
Mr. P burns the midnight oil working as a temporary contractor at a major pharmaceutical company.
Mr. P is one of many young teachers in America.
Mr. P may be the last remaining Scientist in America.

So I gave this guy a chair.
The chair isn't any good.
It's older than my memory.
But he liked sitting it during Bear games.
On the day of Super Bowl XLI, I called him a few hours before kickoff.

"Hey, there's gonna be a lot of people - more than usual - here watching the game.
I think you better get here early, make sure your claim your chair."

He's recently moved out, bought a condo.
I've heard stories of him working on his computer while sitting on a crate.
He now has this chair that's older than my Memory.
America can't afford its last remaining scientist to be sitting on crates when he's trying to relax.

Mr. P is also the commissioner of our fantasy baseball league.
That's more important than I care to admit.

Mr. P and I also have something in common.
It's really tough for me to go into a lot of detail.
But we both seem to have an easy time finding a first date,
a tougher time finding a second date,
and a nearly impossible time finding a third...

One day, not too long ago, him and I went to a Chicago Basketball Bulls of Cook County National Basketball Association Regular Season Contest Game...
We had a frank discussion about this topic.
As he drove through a horrible snow.
That's a friend.
That's someone that makes me feel safe about the future of science in our society.

Mr. P,
Keep up the good, honest, and hard work.

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