Monday, March 30, 2009

Who's very fun?

Q. Can you think of someone who has matured, but is still has as much fun as when he was a kid?
A. D.G.

(For Lent, I've decided to write 40 posts about people I love / made me who I am / thankful to know / appreciate)

This guy, D.G., I 've spent some of the most carefree fun around. I have great memories of driving over to his neighborhood after school (high school) to play as serious a street hockey game you'll find without park district involvement. D.G. made out of PVC pipes his own nets, had full equipment, and even crafted a "Willard Cup" (named after his Grandfather) to award to the 3 on 3 team champion.

Later, in the year of my personal purgatory between High School and College, D.G. and I found our way to some great concerts in the city. Foo Fighters and Reverend Horton Heat are the best memories - but this year of our concert going lives was highlighted by the discovery of Ben Folds Five: a now defunct trio from Chapel Hill that has yet to be topped in "best first impression by a band" ever.

We've also gone to quite a few college football games in a historic stadium in Indiana, which made me very thankful to return the favor last month - by taking D.G. to a Marquette home basketball game. I was very happy to see him experience a sell-out atmosphere at the Bradley Center, and equally as crushed when MU couldn't beat Syracuse.

What's truly remarkable: though all the changes we've had in our lives - our level of fun together has never dipped... Not through my high school illnesses, not through us going to different schools, and especially not because of his l0vely wife.

This needs special attention: too many friends have been lost from finding "love." They more so enter a "exclusive friendship" instead of a romantic relationship... D.G. is to be commended for staying a close of a friend to me as always- and has won bonus points for introducing his wife into my life too (for she's super cool as well).

I'm very thankful to have D.G. in my life - without him would certainly decrease my quality of life to depressing levels.

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